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Hilhairyass Poems and Commentary by Medyhne Lebachen

2013 is shaping up to be a creative year…
I am excited to say my first book has been published.
A poetry book for kids and BIG kids (!) called Hilhairyass Poems named after a character called Hilhairyass in the book.
It includes poems about all FUN aspects of life and has an element of empowerment in the poems but what the heck…descriptions can only say so much…it is far better if I give you a taste.
This book is available to buy at the Publisher’s website
and there is a Facebook site for the book where we love to welcome friends at Hilhairyass Poems ….

Sportz Crazy Nation

My country is a world gone MAD for every sporting phase and fad

it’s the NEW religion here eclipsing everything but beer

Without the PASSION for football I doubt you’ll have a friend at all…

when the tennis season’s on all other conversation’s GONE.

If you BREAK the sporting law to change the side you barrack for…

you may find, you will be an OUTCAST in soc…i…ety

Football fervor is a must or lose all human trust

May as well GIVE UP this place

and find ANOTHER human race!

If “footy” or a “cricket” fan you’re a TRUE BLUE AUSSIE man

If interests lie in other spheres you’ll be HOUNDED by your peers!

So the moral to this tale to be a DINKUM AUSSIE male,

‘Sports mania’ the hidden key to blending in soc…i…ety

For girls it’s nearly as cool to know sports stars, then to drool

a working knowledge of all WAGS* is GREAT when conversation sags

So unless you’re OLYMPIC fare learning sport is crucial here

know every team – every race then you will FIT IN this place

‘Cos once in sporting ‘No Man’s Land’ you’ll sink fast, as loose quicksand

NO friends will phone or even try…


* WAGS Wives and girlfriends of Sports stars


On top of this the music website for our band Sonic Remedy is up and running

We have a song about Martin Luther King called “Start To Love” a song based on Roman & Greek mythology “History OF Love” and lots more.

We try to say something in our songs and have lots of driving guitar and cool harmonies.

Happily we have an international publisher for some songs and have a song “Sexcess” chosen for an American movie “Love A’La “Carte”.

Hoping to ramp things up this year …complete a video…get touring…and kick some more goals

Happy Creating all you creatives out there …

Thanks for this opportunity to tell you about our endeavors…


Medyhne Lebachen

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