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How Do I Get My Website Ranked?

You work hard to get your website up and running. It looks great, it’s full of great info and you know that if you can get visitors to it, it’ll be a roaring success.

And that’s the problem. Without targeted visitors, you aren’t going to make sales. And to get visitors, you need to get your website ranked in the search engines, most important of which is Google.

Many people still believe you can throw a website up, sit back and wait for the cash to come rolling in. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth.

You can off course pay for your traffic using tactics such as PPC (Pay Per Click), but this can be risky unless you know what you are doing. Your budget can get eaten away very quickly.

However, it’s not difficult to set things up to ensure you get picked up by the search engines, get ranked and start getting free visitors. Everything you need to do can be grouped into 2 categories.

Get these right and you’ll ensure when you build it . . . they will come.

On site optimisation:
This involves optimising your actual website so the search engines know what it’s about and can therefore list it in their search results. How you use your keywords, your navigation internal links etc all play a role in this.

Off site optimisation:
Your site rank for your keywords, meaning where you show up in the search engine results, is hugely affected by your backlinks. A backlink to your site is created when another site has a link to your site.

The search engines see links to you site as popularity, so the more you have, the more popular they think your site is. As you can imagine, a site with 17 backlinks won’t look as popular as one with 517.
However, you can create backlinks on sites all across the web yourself, if you have the knowledge and time.

The process of doing this is simply called ‘backlinking’. Don’t think of this purely as a numbers game though. Some people use software to blast out 1000’s of backlinks, but it can do your site more harm than good.
Google in particular have refined their ranking system over and over again, to weed out crappy links. Not only will your efforts be wasted, but your website can be penalised for it. You have to know what you are doing to ensure you keep onside with Google and make every link count.

This includes where you link from, how you link and the actual text and keywords used in your link. Since the latest Google update, called Penguin, these details are more important than ever.

You can try to do the backlinking to your site yourself . . . or you can let Fizzy do it. We’re experts with years of experience and success at getting all kinds of websites ranked in the search engines.

Remember that no traffic is really free. If you do this yourself, you have to factor in the time you spend learning how to do it correctly. Including keeping up with the regular search engine changes, the time it takes you to find suitable sites to backlink from and of course, the time you need to do the backlinking itself.

How much is your time worth per hour? Then look at how much it costs you to have us do it for you. At our low prices, Fizzy’s backlinking service is worth it’s weight in gold to you.

Click here and let us get started getting your website ranked and your visitors pouring in.

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