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NAKED DEPARTURE, the trilogy series

There’s a lot to be said about the silent epidemic that plagues us women. We walk around smiling as usual — but we have that nasty feeling that sticks us in the pit of our stomachs and makes us, every now and again, catch our breath because we forgot to breathe. Yes, sometimes our thoughts are so intense that we literally forget to breath, and then the signs of dizziness triggers our natural response — a deep inhale, another deep inhale.

NAKED DEPARTURE is a novel I wrote after inhaling many many times but still felt the dizzy feeling. I needed to write. I am home now, in America. I felt that the experience I had in Barbados needed to be written — after all, how many of us come close to death twice in a little more than 7 days. It happened to me. I know of no greater loss of faith or loss of hope. Am I being tested? Has the universe sent its most hardened soldiers to test my spirit, my resolve, my greatest fears?

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