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Walking is the Key!!!!!

We are always going on a diet and investing money in a variety of different
products hoping that we can lose weight. Sometimes it is just to lose a few pounds
for an upcoming wedding, to fit in that bikini for the summer vacation or for health

For me, I never set out to lose weight it just happen. Was I happy? not really. I
liked my size 8 but I decided to continue to do what I was doing when the weight
loss happened naturally, because I am healthier and stronger, plus practice becomes a habit.

Now I am not a nutritionist, I am just your average Joe who is an aspiring children writer.
Hopefully it will motivate you as it has motivated me. My sister (was a size 16) and a couple of other friends who follow my simple method for losing weight in a healthy way have accomplished losing 5-10 pounds within 2 weeks.

I believe that a few gradual changes in your life can lead you on your way to whatever size you WANT. (express a wish for). The sooner you start doing just a small regimen everyday, the easier it becomes. I believe “anyone” can do what I do, although it was never planned or I have never stressed myself over my size.

In the winter of 2007, I had loss my appetite, due to a sinus infection plus I was
between jobs. I had no desire for food but I had to eat something. The
only thing I remember wanting to have was chicken soup and boy did I drink that soup
everyday. Well into the summer. I also found myself walking 15 -20 blocks on most days, abandoning the buses and trains, plus I had to walked up and down 3 flights of stairs everyday to get to my apartment.

Coming out of my winter clothes into my summer clothes, I was astonished that all of my clothes were very loose especially my favorite Jeans. I must admit I was very upset, and in addition I had to buy new clothes. Hey it was summer and it took a long time trying to get use to my new size. I did not have the winter coats to hide under as it was summer!!!

If you are seriously thinking about losing weight, why not do it the healthy way and save yourself a lot of money. One of the key factors is discipline. People always asked me how do you stay in shape? The answer I would always give with a big smile is “walking” .
I’m not going on a diet to maintain my weight. The key factor for me is walking.

Diet Tips that I stick to:

My breakfast consists of: (This varies each day.)
A strawberry smoothie, half a cereal bowl of Quaker oats with 1% milk and water with a banana, or an apple cooked in small pieces with a little cinnamon, cold cereal without any sugar, 3 medium size potatoes pancakes with 2 tbs syrup and a low fat yogurt with a banana or apple.
I have cut out the sugar (haven’t use sugar in my tea, coffee or cereal for many years)

Lunch consists of:
Soup (I looove soup) I usually make a variety of vegetarian soups in the fall and winter.

Fried brown rice with red beans and lots of veggies
Roasted red potatoes, salmon, salad, greens and a glass of water.

Dessert: A slice of freshly baked banana bread, or carrot cake, yogurt with fresh fruit or zucchini bread (I used ½ a cup instead of 1 cup of brown sugar in my recipes). This varies each day.
I cut RED MEAT out of my diet (have not eaten it in over 10 years)

Eat meatless dishes 4-5 times a week (you save a lot of money this way)
Never eat before going to bed. (if you do, eat an apple, pretzels or sunflower seeds)
Never drink soda (if you do drink, ginger ale is preferred)
Chew gum if you are out and hungry instead of buying that cheeseburger.
Drink water (6 to 8 glasses a day) instead of juice which has in lots of sugar.
Along with a good dose of walking everyday.

By Karen D. Boyce
All rights reserved

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