Paul Doyle (CEO, Monopoly Media Marketing

I WAS BORN IN BARBADOS and lived 1/2 my life in NYC. I am 52. I have started in Barbados with Scotiabank and started marketing when i moved to NY. There i established my own company and the rest is history!

I am a small outfit determine to achieve success for my varied client list. In most cases i find my self acting as ‘consultant’ in offering invaluable advice that not only benefits the client but effects positive growth in his / her company. I draw from a wealth of knowledge accrued over a long period as well as others mistakes seen first hand. Avoiding these paths is good advice in itself.

Writing is a way of sharing my inner thoughts and I’m a big fan of reading. The Bible is my #1 book followed by several others that appear frequently in my post.
I like dogs, horses and fish but most of all i like people. I like sharing advice, discussions and views with them. Everybody has an opinion and i want to hear.
Of sports, basketball is tops. LETS GO KNICKS!!!!