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TREATMENT: Movie based on a novel by Jeannette Layne-Clark, ‘ Villa in Paradise ‘

As Executive Producer of the movie based on Jeannette Layne-Clark’s novel, ‘Villa in Paradise’. I would be very appreciative if you passed this info on regarding the Treatment and possible sponsorship to the appropriate persons / departments. Branding opportunities exist in the script & credits, along with artist exposure within the soundtrack.

If you, yourself, have interest, feel free to reach out!



The movie is about the rise and fall of Adam Carrington, a child from a family of seven, and a successful attorney in Barbados of humble background, having grown up in the slums of Bridgetown (Gibson Land). In contrast, his wife, Miriam, is an educator (teacher) from a privileged Trinidadian family. We join them in playful dialogue in his ‘dream’ house, a villa at # 27 Paradise Ridge, in an affluent neighbourhood in Barbados. Examples of their fine living style and Adam’s acquired good taste are found throughout – from the decor to their choice of drinks and food.

Their lighthearted dialogue is punctuated by Adam’s thoughts of his past in his humble dwelling, Airy Cot, until age 19, after which he went to England to study, later becoming a prominent, affluent member of the legal profession.

The movie switches to show his office building in Belleville where he displays his affluent taste in the presence of his secretary, Ms. Weekes. The previously existing racial divide in Barbados is told.

Cuffy Burke, a former client, enters the office. In contrast to Adam, who is tall and slightly graying, he is short, younger, squat, brash and pugnacious balding man. A complete opposite to Adam, he lacks Adam’s “savoir-faire”, but is equally as cunning. He accuses his attorney (Adam) of financial infidelity, and threatens exposure by notifying the Bar. If monies owed ($16,000) are not paid monthly, he will expose his unscrupulous practices – blackmail to which Adam reluctantly agrees.

Adam frequents his mum’s home dilapidated home in Gibson Land. She is reluctant to move unless it is to her dream house by the beach, similar to the house where she worked as a maid, owned by her ex employer, an-upper-middle class Black Guyanese family before they emigrated to North AMERICA.

Adam finds out that his younger brother is gay. To further add insult to injury, Adam’s mum and all her Bridgetown neighbours are informed they must relocate to make room for a planned ‘Government Project’. This news antagonizes the same Cuffy Burke whose uncle owns the only rum shop in the area, and is a resident himself.

After Miriam discovers Adam’s liaison with a younger woman, their marriage is on the rocks and his infidelity causes Miriam to escape to her sister in Trinidad. Adam convinces his wife not to abandon their marriage. However, as a result Miriam, herself, has an affair with Ken Martin, who is slightly taller than Adam, and is, ironically, introduced by Adam at a major Independence Night reception at the Prime Minister’s residence. After being wined and dined at one of the West Coast more exclusive venues, the affair blossoms. His two-bedroom apartment becomes their love nest where they sometimes sip on brandy, Baileys or enjoy a Chinese take-out meal.

November 30th marks Barbados’ Independence, with a huge parade in Independence Square, at which Adam is one of the invited VIPs invited. His political aspirations are well known; he plans to contest for The City (Bridgetown seat) in the next elections.

Christmas time that year is somewhat special. Apart from Adam’s winning a landmark court case, it signals the return of his daughter, Samantha for holidays from school in England. To cope with her new overseas environment, she turns to the bottle. Upon Samantha reaching home from the airport, Adam discards the newspaper to hug his daughter, the family dinner conversation group centres around Samantha’s extra curriculum activities at Leeds.

Samantha’s nocturnal jaunts since her arrival home in Barbados draw the ire of her mother, who vocally expresses her displeasure. Her returning home at 6 a.m. from a night out is totally unacceptable, resulting in Miriam withdrawing her ‘car privileges’, and leaving Samantha to find other means of transport. A heated exchange ensues one ‘morning’, and Miriam seeks Adam’s support in restoring some semblance of decency to the matter.

The Carrington’s annual Old Years Night Party attracts the “who’s who” of Barbados (predominantly Blacks). Even Ken is invited. An assortment of fashion and jewellery is on display from the invitees, while fine decor, ambiance, music, food and drink are on display by the hosts. Adam’s insecurity about playing the role of party planner and gracious host leads him to delegate these duties to Miriam. The 130-odd guests enjoy the music, fireworks… the works. At midnight they sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’, exchange ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ wishes, and hobnob until the wee hours. After they all leave, Cuffy Burke is seen leaning on the entrance gate to # 27.

New Years Day marks the departure of Samantha for Leeds. It, however, unceremoniously ushers in Adam’s financial issues: the health challenges of his mum, particularly those concerning the demise of Gibson Land at the hands of the Government; his several failed investments, especially the whereabouts of his American cohort/ client Aaron Blitzer; Samantha’s tuition and housing expenses; two mortgages and his monthly payments to Cuffy Burke, all of which are now due!

Adam receives a call from his brother, Mikey, to meet at the Wine Bar in Payne’s Bay around 6 pm. They meet and the nature of the call becomes evident: He has AIDS. After a brief chat and one drink, they part – Adam in his Mercedes, and Mikey in his Mediterranean blue Porsche.

While Adam’s mother recuperates, Cuffy Burke’s relationship with Adam worsens. His attitude becomes more ominous, and his threats more pronounced. This forces Adam to lock his office door with Ms. Weekes having the duplicate key. This measure is taken to avoid the unexpected intrusions that Cuffy has been resorting to in recent times. After being told by Ms. Weekes that Adam is not in office, he catches him exiting. Adam dismisses Cuffy abruptly and slams the office door. Slighted, Cuffy breaks in and hurls a slew of insults and choice words / expletives at Adam’s direction. Cuffy accuses Adam of a lack of respect, and promises to get even – one way or another.

Miriam meets with her sister Sarah in Barbados for what can be considered ‘girl talk’, during which an exchange programme for teachers between England and Barbados is discussed and follow-up assured. Miriam’s lover, Ken, is also discussed, and the conversation, whcih switches to her sister’s love life and her child, is then is interrupted by Eldica (the maid) who announces the arrival of a male guest.

Meanwhile, Adam is in London, and upon his return to Barbados, his first order of business is that of rekindling the fire of his marriage.

On Ken’s insistence, he and Miriam meet at the Waterfront Cafe. The purpose of this meeting, Miriam soon finds out, is to announce Ken’s transfer to Paris – blessing in disguise as it gives Miriam ample reason to break off their ‘romantic interlude’. Although she does love Ken, Adam represents stability. Miriam then decides to accept the opportunity in England.

Adam reads in the newspapers that Gibson Land has gained a reprieve, and shares the good news with his mother. Although Cuffy’s presence in the photo on the front page is omitted in their conversation, he becomes the subject when Adam’s mother quips that every moment that his (Adam) name had been brought up, Cuffy took distinct pleasure in slandering it. While having a bite at his mother’s home, he begs her not to divulge what he is about to say. He is being considered as a member appointed to the QC – a very distinguished honour.

On his way to retrieve his car, Adam encounters Cuffy, and several parting shots are made, although no match for ones delivered previously. Adam’s financial situation is even worse. Business deals fall through. Aaron Blitzer is missing and, to further add insult to injury, payments to Cuffy Burke and both mortgage payments are way behind. As Adam sits in his office answering his mail, one letter pops out at him – one concerning The Bar Association. Cuffy Burke has made good on his promise to report Adam’s impropriety!

Adam learns that the honour being conferred on him as Queens Council has not materialized. While reading of this news, the telephone rings. It is the QEH notifying him of Mikey’s admission. He rushes to Mikey side, where he proceeds to listen to his brother’s requested funeral arrangements. Mention is made as to whether or not his mother has been told of his alternative lifestyle. Five weeks later on Sept. 12, Mikey dies, and the news is relayed by his live-in lover, Sir Giles Mannering. The funeral is a solemn event, attended by close family members.

After the crematorium, they retire to # 27 where a sumptuous meal awaits. Due to Miriam’s stint in England on a short teachers exchange programme, Eldica assumes the duties of hostess. Severe depression sets in for Adam, and, after everyone leaves, he tries to find things to occupy himself. His attention span does not allow him to read the newspaper. Instead, he pours himself a large drink before turning on the radio to learn of Aaron Blitzer’s demise. He was picked up in Canada on a US warrant, is under investigation by numerous agencies including the FBI and IRS, and is wanted in connection with various scams including money laundering and mail fraud. Adam ponders the implications these events will have on him. After all, he was instrumental in forming some of these ‘bogus’ insurance entities connected to the offshore insurance scam!

After 10 p.m. the same night, Adam grows tired of his own company, and decides to visit a club on the outskirts of the red-light district in Bridgetown. He decides on Dizzy’s Den. To his amazement, Cuffy Burke is standing across from the club’s entrance talking to a tall man, where they exchange hellos, much to Adam’s dismay. There he meets Jackie Duchaussée. Using her tempting body, she takes advantage of the situation and seduces him. They retire to her place, and she does all in her power to make him forget his troubles. On the second visit, she introduces him to cocaine.

Adam visits her on three further occasions, and she introduces him to a cocaine supplier, Bugsy, and gives him a gold plated snuff box to carry small quantities of the drug in his pocket.

One morning as Adam parks his car outside of Carrington House, Cuffy Burke approaches in the rain and knocks on the window. Out of courtesy, and partly curiosity, Adam opens the car door allowing Cuffy to lower his stocky frame into the passenger seat. A violent exchange of words ensues, culminating in Cuffy’s flinging a brown envelope at Adam containing 24, 8”×10” photos. These photos give Cuffy the upper hand on Adam as they capture him in several illicit acts with ‘Jackie’. Among other THINGS, they are seen taking cocaine.

Cuffy explains that his first thought was to show them to Adam’s peers in the legal fraternity, but he chose to go the swifter route in making them available to ‘Private Eye’, a well-publicized gossip concern in Barbados. Cuffy gives Adam the bottom line, along with a payment plan: $200,000 – $15,000 for 12 months and $22,000 for the 13th month. Payment is to start by Friday.

Adam’s financial woes continue. The building housing Langton Chambers (Adams’ office) within Carrington House is to be relocated. The Finance Corporation’s proposes disposal of this to settle the debt incurred. It had not been commercially viable since its opening, and, due to the high rents, it had attracted a slew of fly-by-night tenants who leave owing considerable rents. An ample, yet modest, site along Constitution Road, is chosen for relocation / downsizing.

Adam’s financial problems read like a shopping list: his unavailability to repay two hefty mortgages, Samantha’s school bill overseas, bank loans attached to failed investments, the matter concerning HIS LOST INVESTMENT WITH Aaron Blitzer, not to mention the implication his brother’s death and the fact that the new issues with Cuffy Burke threaten to destroy his career. A career that, although budding, could be devastatingly affected by scandal and inability to achieve QC status. His affluent lifestyle doesn’t make matters any better. Maybe Cuffy Burke was right! He would always be a ‘poor great’ individual from Gibson Land in the slums of Bridgetown.

The only glimmer of hope lies in the resurgence of his marriage. Miriam’s positive outlook on him as a husband represents a trickle of hope in a sea of uncertainty. Adam feels he can find solace in knowing that # 27 is not in imminent danger of foreclosure, although he has been delinquent on the mortgage payments for some nine months. He had planned to satisfy the debt through funds provided from a large overseas client, but things had fallen through owing to Adam’s lackadaisical, lacklustre approach.

Miriam adds to Adam’s peace of mind, and their twice weekly phone conversations from England are the only bright hope in a sea of despair. News of Samantha, whom Miriam had visited in Leeds, is encouraging. She has given up the ‘binge drinking’ and is paying close attention to her studies. Although Miriam is comfortable in her temporary surroundings, she misses the school and more importantly, Adam.

Ken pays her a visit from Paris, as chronicled by her sister who paid her a similar visit in mid- October. Then, in late October, during a visit with Ken (Martin), MIRIAM uses the opportunity to finally break off their relationship / affair.

Cocaine becomes a welcome and expensive habit – much like Cuffy Burke, except his presence is unwelcome. Ms. Weekes greets him with the usual newspaper, but this time she insists that it is ‘required reading’. The headlines read ‘TWO FOUND DEAD’. The story recounts the demise of Cuffy Burke and his cohort, Jackie, a known call girl. Adam reads the article in the newspaper and ponders that the ‘respect’ which Cuffy craved in life, he never got in death, according to how / where his body was found. One of Adam’s problems vanishes!

In RESPONSE TO ADAM’S MOTHER REQUEST, he pays her a visit on his way home from his office. He finds her humming and seated in her favorite chair with two envelopes. Upon reading the first, he learns of her former employer’s death, and his leaving the house by the beach in Payne’s Bay in his will to Vidalia. The second letter confirms the first.

Adam ventures home to anticipate Miriam’s arrival. He sits on the patio waiting for the time to pass to pick her up at the airport, contemplating the turn of events.

His luck seemed to be changing, and he wonders what other positive things could be in store.


Note: This Treatment does not indicate the Director’s Style. The Movie is in the Suspense Drama category with romantic overtones! Areas of product placement by prospective sponsors can be discussed further. It is hoped that this gives a brief outline of the movie’s content, and as you can imagine, they are several opportunities / areas where your product / service can be displayed. Given the broad market distribution this movie intends to reach, it is advisable that you come along for the ride.

Intended markets: Caribbean, Europe, North and South America, Australia, Africa and Asia. In all genres and spanning all classes. ‘Race has no boundaries’.

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