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Hailing from Melbourne, Australia I am a musician//songwriter since 1985 when I got my first keyboard and started playing the song hits of the time just as a hobby. Influenced by the likes of Moby, Duran Duran, Ultravox and Tears for Fears I continued to play and in 1998 began writing my own instrumental, easy listening music simply for my own love of it. Up to 2011 my musical style would be considered Contemporary Pop, and Rock before I began to turn toward Electronica and Hip-Hop which has opened new doors for me. Will I change my music style again? I might. But at this stage I’m really enjoying the experience, am happy where I’m at and will be releasing a new album called TREASON. I want to thank the team from everyone for their support in getting my music heard on the radio and especially I would like to thank the people who have stopped by and had a listen. I would love to play my music live around the world taking it to the people, making sure that the fans have a great time and go home after the show feeling good inside! Now, that would be a joy to achieve, AND IT WILL HAPPEN because life’s too short just sitting around thinking about what you should do, just go out and do it…Now it’s 2013 and my music is going in a new direction towards movie soundtracks. T.v shows, avertising & special occasions. It maybe all new to me but it’s something i do love, getting across the feel of the music.

Thank you.

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