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Category: Politics

“Tell me again how Donald Trump’s Republican party isn’t the Republican party you remember.” Recently unearthed recordings of former President Ronald Reagan calling Africans “monkeys” made the point that Trump is Reagan’s ideological heir harder to deny. The October 1971 comments, which were revealed Tuesday by historian Tim Naftali in an article for The Atlantic, […]
The Iranian foreign minister accused the Trump administration of “economic terrorism” and emphasized that his nation’s new “remedial steps” are “reversible.” Iran increased pressure on European leaders to provide relief from crippling economic sanctions and salvage the 2015 nuclear deal with an announcement Sunday that the Middle Eastern country is set to exceed the pact’s […]
“I am looking for a new pharmaceutical drug that builds spines.” That was Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s (D-Wash.) reaction on Thursday after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi capitulated to Republicans and so-called moderate Democrats by agreeing to pass a $4.6 billion Senate border aid package that contains virtually no protections for immigrant children detained by the Trump […]
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