Biggest Earthquake in 20 Years Hits Southern California


A 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck southern California Thursday, the largest earthquake to hit the region in 20 years.

Caltech seismologist Lucy Jones said Californians should expect another large aftershock earthquake in the next week. She told the press that it would most likely be a magnitude 5 or lower, and that there was a nine percent chance of one stronger than 6.4.

Jones told Californians to expect more aftershocks as well, but said during her second briefing that the threat was already receding.

“The rate of aftershocks is already lower,” said Jones.

The quake was centered in Ridgecrest, 113 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Residents of Los Angeles reported feeling shaking, a testament to the earthquake’s power.

Thus far, there have been no deaths reported, but the quake did spark blazes in Ridgecrest.

This is an ongoing story.




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